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Port Vale Foundation

‘We want to create opportunities through football and sport to engage, motivate and inspire people from all sections of our community, helping them to fulfill their potential.’

Tel : 01782 757066



Our mission as the PVFC Foundation, is to actively contribute to local, regional and national priorities using Port Vale Football Club to positively impact on the community’s needs.

To focus and influence the needs of our community our work is categorised into four main themes.

Sports participation: Increase opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity for people of all ages and ability through the power of the football club.

Health and Disability: Promote an active, healthy and informed lifestyle contributing to reduced health inequalities in our community. Providing opportunities for all to participate in sport through our disability coaching programme.

Education: Provide inspirational learning and personal development opportunities to raise aspirations, attainment and achievement

Social Inclusion: Deliver innovative and attractive programmes to engage those from disadvantaged and excluded communities.

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