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Vale boss understands

19 September 2013

Micky feels sorry for Coventry supporters

Micky Adams empathises with the Coventry City supporters who have decided not to travel to Northampton’s Sixfields Stadium for their home matches.

The Vale boss had two spells in charge of the Sky Blues and is still friends with some a handful of Coventry fans and he understands the reasoning behind their decisions.

He said: “It is not hard for the players because they have been told their homes games are at Northampton, so you get used to playing there and there’s no excuse from that point of view.

“It’s the supporters that you have got to feel sorry for. They support their football club but the majority of them have decided they don’t want to go to Northampton to support their football club and I can fully understand that.

“I am not here to castigate them; I think that is a personal choice. I know many Coventry City supporters who are still good friends of mine that won’t set foot in Northampton, but that’s their choice.

“All I would say to them is they are missing out on a great young side that are doing well this season and are a credit to their city.

“But I still find it an absolute nonsense that they are having to choose whether they want to go to Northampton or not because there is a ready-made stadium there (The Ricoh Arena) that they should be in and everybody in Coventry should have the choice to see them play there with a good side.”

There is a wide belief that Coventry’s problems began with their move from Highfield Road back in the summer of 2005 and that is a view the Vale boss, a former Coventry City manager, subscribes to.

He said: “The club was always going to find problems further down the line. The fact of the matter is, we had a decent stadium at Highfield Road, it had a unique atmosphere.

“I was lucky enough to be the manager there in the last few games and it generated its own atmosphere and then the club decided to sell the stadium and move into a council-run place at the Ricoh Arena and it has been downhill since then.

“They can’t generate any other income other than what they get through the gates and for any football club, you can’t survive like that.”

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