An update from the manager

Valiants manager John Askey has described the current situation regarding the outbreak of the Coronavirus as ‘surreal.’

Askey was speaking following the announcement that all elite level football will be suspended until 30th April at the earliest.

“I think for everybody, everything is all a bit surreal, nobody has experienced this before” said the Vale manager.

“As a player, you’ve just got to keep yourself fit and when you’re called on to come back into training, be ready.”

“You’ve got to treat it as though it’s the summer and be back ready for pre-season.”

Askey says that Port Vale, in line with other EFL clubs, are following the guidelines set forward by the Football Authorities.

“We don’t really know what’s going to happen.”

“Last Friday we decided to give the players the week off.”

“We’ve given them a program to do while they’re away, which is what they’re doing this week.”

The Valiants manager discussed his views on how he feels the season should be concluded.

“When we finally do get back playing, we’ve got to finish the season off. Whether that’s in June, July or whenever.”

“The only problem is that players contracts finish in July.”

However, Askey was supportive of the decision to suspend football, given the more serious matters currently happening across the world.

“From everybody’s point of view, we all hope it doesn’t affect too many people.”

“Obviously when people are dying, football and everything goes out of the window and it’s about making sure everybody is safe.”

Askey spoke about the domino effect of the current season’s suspension and how the Valiants boss will utilise the spare time.

“For myself, I’m making use of the time by watching previous games on Wyscout on the computer for players that might become available.”

“We still don’t know what will happen regarding contracts.”

“The most worrying thing is the financial implications it might have for every football club.”

“Until it ends we won’t know where we are as a football club and where football will be.”

Following further government announcements and advice issued by the EFL, the squad has been advised to stay at home for a further two weeks.

The club will seek to continually update you, the fans, during this period.