PVFC Community work national coverage

Port Vale's Community Hub has received national recognition for the work being carried out during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

News outlets The Daily Mirror and The Daily Star feature stories today praising the club's response since League Two football was suspended.

The initiative comes under the umbrella of the Hubb Foundation, initially set up to provide activities, workshops and meals to children from deprived backgrounds in the Stoke area.

However, since the coronavirus lockdown, the Hubb Foundation has worked in unison with the Football Club, Foundation, Synectics Solutions & Summit Hospitality to produce and distribute thousands of meals across Stoke-On-Trent.

The Mirror states that Carol has, "recognised her club's standing within the local community brought with it an obligation to go beyond the traditional scope of a football club and help those in need."

“On March 13, the day football was stopped, the following Monday we had a conference call,” recalled Carol.

“I said 'how do we want history to judge us?' How do we want to be looked back at over this period of time?'

“When we're telling people about it, what do we want to be able to say that we did?

“Do we feel comfortable shutting up shop and all going home, then come back when the season starts again? Or do we want to do something different?

“Without hesitation, they all said 'we want to be here for the community and do all we can'.”

To read the full exclusive interview with Owner Carol Shanahan, see: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/port-vale-delivering-thousands-meals-21900073?x