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31 January 2014

A fan's view of things Port Vale

One of the most talked about things in football at the moment is that of diving, or simulation for those who like to use bigger words when smaller ones will do.

It is difficult for the officials when they have a split second to make their minds up, whereas the ‘experts’ view it from 27 different angles and still can’t be sure after ten minutes of deliberation.

The technology is actually there for an immediate response, and I wouldn’t be against that as a trial as long as the flow of the game isn’t totally wrecked, although the game stops for a free kick or penalty briefly anyway. Before it’s taken someone can check to see if it was a dive or not. It could be an even greater deterrent if a player risks a sending off and a three match ban!

Otherwise what I would do is to use trial by DVD. Referees assessors or whoever could flag up any contentious incidents and they would be viewed a few days later by a chosen panel. Anyone guilty of a dive would then get a three match ban and a fine of two weeks wages. No appeal, hard luck! It obviously wouldn’t change a result but would make players think a bit, and just one high profile player’s fine would pay for it for a few months.

There are bound to be flaws in this system, there are with every system, but I’m sure the diving would soon be cut down if it was applied.

Rant over!


Phil Sherwin

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