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26 February 2014

A fan's view of things Port Vale

to stop a mauling by The Wolves“muzzles”Do Micky and Grew have the

as along with the shape and defensive endurance I feel psychology will play a huge part in determining our success in this game, as it often does in games such as this where mental sharpness and just a simple notion of belief go a long way for the underdogs… failing that we could just pray that a large brick wall appears before our goal at 2.55!“A Psychology of Coaching”, December 1996. Well that will most likely be the main consensus of thought around the West Midlands town going into Saturday’s game, especially given the gulf in budget between the two sides and the difference in “nick” between the two Staffordshire rivals. If we aren’t careful we could be licking some serious wounds on Saturday night. The players need to go into the game with the right mentality… mainly one for a battle of gargantuan proportions. Maybe Micky should have a read of Coleman Griffith’s work: th“We should be beating the likes of Port Vale”, the immortal words of Mark McGhee following Wolves’ 1-0 defeat to Vale at Molineux on the 16

Shaun Crank

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