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21 May 2013

But the gaffer has no intentions of leaving the club

Micky Adams is not too happy about recent events at the club and things that have been said but insists he hasn’t considered leaving the club.

The Vale boss said: “There has been a lot of talking done on my behalf and I finds that rather irritating if I’m honest.

“If people want to know how I am they should ring me and ask me the question, rather than go through third parties.

“I am disappointed. I had a fantastic relationship with Paul Wildes, despite what other people think and have said.

“We had a fantastic season and I was looking to take the club forward with Paul and I am disappointed with how events have unfolded.

“There was a discussion after Bristol Rovers and that was it, but there are discussions after every game, whether you win, lose or draw.

“I am responsible for the team, I am responsible for what happens in the dressing room and that remains private and always has done.

“I have conversations with chairmen and board of directors and that remains private and that’s the way it should be.

“So any nonsense that has come out about Bristol Rovers is a non-story as far as I am concerned.”

The board room changes have affected the manager’s plans, in that he isn’t sure whether existing plans will be adhered to or whether new plans will be put into place.

“He’s my sixth chairman in two years since I have been back. Bill Bratt, Mike Lloyd, Peter Miller, then an administrator, Keith Ryder, then Paul Wildes and now Norman Smurthwaite.

“I was expecting a fantastic summer where we can all enjoy and reflect on what we achieved last season, develop the football club as the plans were set out with Paul and now he’s not there.

“We have got a new Chairman. I have got to develop a new relationship with him – and we know what a character he is – and all the plans we had in place are all up in the air at the moment.

“There is a lot of talking to be done, but I want to be doing the talking with the relevant people. I don’t want other people talking on my behalf.”


“What is irritating me as well is that people think we have got a budget that is going to take us to the higher echelons of the league.

“This has got to be put straight. Even when Paul was here, the budget that was set for next season will see us with the sixth lowest budget in the league.

“So everybody can get off the cloud that they are on and let’s have a bit of realism back in the football club. It is going to be a difficult job trying to keep this football club in the division that we are going to.

“That doesn’t mean that we shirk the responsibility and hide away from it. We saw what could be achieved last season on a reasonable budget, but it is going to be hard work.

“To get and formulate a squad is going to be difficult, but let’s not get carried away with the opinion and the idea that the budget I have been set this season is going to anywhere but a struggle at the bottom end of the table.”

Referring to a newspaper article that said Micky Adams was considering his position at the club, the manager said: “I have been very, very happy at this football club, but it has been difficult to do 

the job at times.

“I have never stated any desire to leave this football club – why would I? I have just got the team promoted and everybody is trying to put a dampener on it for some reason.”

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