Golden Ticket

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Port Vale FC is excited to announce the launch of the Port Vale Golden Ticket, successor to the Port Vale Lottery. Signing up to the Golden Ticket gives you the chance to win a share of the £10,000 we’re giving away over the course of the year!

Each membership to the Port Vale Golden Ticket costs £4.33 per month (£1 per week), and gives you access to the prize draw which sees with winners announced every single Saturday from 2nd February 2024 onwards. There are both cash and Port Vale prizes available, and if the Valiants are playing at home that Saturday we DOUBLE the first-place winner's amount!

Prizes when Port Vale FC are AWAY on a Saturday matchday or not playing at all
First Place£100
Second Place£50
Third PlacePort Vale FC Prize


Prizes when Port Vale FC are at HOME on a Saturday matchday (League)
First Place£200
Second Place£50
Third PlacePort Vale FC Prize


The Port Vale Golden Ticket draw is not part of a wider syndicate scheme across numerous sports clubs throughout the country, which means every winner, every week will have signed up through Port Vale FC, giving you a much bigger chance of winning!

As well as this, all proceeds raised will be reinvested right back into positive causes and initiatives here at the club.

Unlike the previous Port Vale Lottery the Golden Ticket takes payments via direct debit rather than repeat card payments, giving you better access to control your membership, and ensuring you don’t lose out on chances to win if your card gets lost, stolen or expires.

If you wish to take part below are the links. These will take you to our GoCardless page, who are managing payments for this membership.


One Golden Ticket Membership - One chance to win per draw

Two Golden Ticket Memberships - Two chances to win per draw

Three Golden Ticket Memberships - Three chances to win per draw

Four Golden Ticket Memberships - Four chances to win per draw


If you have any queries or would like any further information regarding the Port Vale Golden Ticket, please email:

Please note: All entrants must be 16+. Please gamble responsibly.

You can view full terms and conditions by [clicking here].


Port Vale Golden Ticket FAQs

Once signed up, am I committed to take part for a specific length of time?

There is no commitment when signing up for the Port Vale Golden Ticket, you are free to withdraw whenever you like. Just ensure that you leave at least one week before your next billing period. 

How frequently are winners picked and when?

Port Vale Golden Ticket draws will take place every Friday with the winners announced every Saturday. Winners are selected completely at random. Winning one week does not impact your chances of winning in future weeks.

If I win, how will I be contacted?

If you are one of the weeks winners, you will be contacted via email by, so be sure to keep an eye out! We will also be posting winners on social media and updating them on the webpage too.

If I win, how will I receive my winnings?

All winnings from the Port Vale Golden Ticket will be sent via bank transfer. If you win, you will be asked to submit your selected bank details to a club representative.

When will I be billed for my monthly memberships?

Billing will commence a very soon after you have signed up (direct debits can take a few days to clear hence the delay), after this you will see the repeat payments come out on the same date every month automatically moving forwards unless cancelled by you.

How to cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership you can do so by logging into go cardless and managing your payment from there. Alternatively email us at and we can cancel this for you.

Previous Golden Ticket Winners

7th June 2024

1st Prize Michelle Kobylarz£100
2nd PrizeGlyn Lees£50
3rd PrizeDarren JonesSigned Ball

31st May 2024

1st Prize Adam Heath£100
2nd PrizeGlyn Lees£50
3rd PrizeChristine WhitmoreMatch Tickets


24th May 2024

1st Prize Gary Gratton£100
2nd PrizeJustin Porter£50
3rd PrizeRob HughesHome Shirt

17th May 2024

1st Prize Dan Phillips£100
2nd PrizeRob Hughes£50
3rd PrizeIzaak MoultonMatch Tickets

13th May 2024

1st Prize David Drumm£100
2nd PrizeNicola Jones£50
3rd PrizeMelvien WykesSigned Ball

4th May 2024

1st Prize Harrison Fox£200
2nd PrizeAngela Copestick£100
3rd PrizeThelma HollandMatch Tickets

26th April 2024

1st Prize Colin Bailey£200
2nd PrizeCarl Lorenz£50
3rd PrizeBarbara Yates2023/24 Home Shirt


12th April 2024

1st Prize David Lownds£200
2nd PrizeDarren Jones£50
3rd PrizeKev ArmittSigned Ball

5th April 2024


1st Prize Alan Forster£100
2nd PrizeIan Glover£50
3rd PrizeDavid DrummFour Home Match Tickets

29th March 2024

1st Prize Anthony Bedson£200
2nd PrizeBarbara Yates£50
3rd PrizeClaire WatersonReplica Home Shirt

22nd March 2024

1st Prize Harrison Fox£100
2nd PrizeStephanie McThompson£50
3rd PrizeAngela MaxfieldFour Home Match Tickets

15th March 2024

1st Prize Kirsten Lovatt£200
2nd PrizeMartin Cornwall£50
3rd PrizeDavid HughesSigned Ball

8th March 2024

1st Prize Darren Lindsay£200
2nd PrizeAlan Forster£50
3rd PrizeJackie GloverFour Home Match Tickets

1st March 2024

1st Prize Brad Copestick£100
2nd PrizeNicholas Gittin£50
3rd PrizeDaniel BerrisfordSigned Ball

23rd February 2024

1st Prize Geoffrey Heath£200
2nd PrizeClaire Waterson£50
3rd PrizeJackie GloverFour Home Match Tickets

16th February 2024

1st Prize Dean Ashley£100
2nd PrizeBen Forrester£50
3rd PrizeHelen WilliamsSigned Ball

9th February 2024

1st Prize Daniel Berrisford£200
2nd PrizeClaire Gibson£50
3rd PrizeLinda LearFour Home Match Tickets

2nd February 2024

1st Prize Gary Latham£100
2nd PrizeLaura Carr Collier£50
3rd PrizeHannah Hiles2023/24 Replica Shirt

26th January 2024

1st Prize Kirsten Lovatt£200
2nd PrizePaul Jackson£50
3rd PrizeMatthew LitherlandFour Home Match Tickets

19th January 2024

1st Prize David Walker£200
2nd PrizeHelen Lewis£50
3rd PrizePaul SmithSigned Ball

12th January 2024

1st Prize Stuart Vaughan£100
2nd PrizeEmma Cooper£50
3rd PrizeBrad MasonFour Home Match Tickets

5th January 2024

1st Prize Ian Brammar£200
2nd PrizePaul Dalgarno£50
3rd PrizeMartyn HeathPVFC Shirt

29th December 2023 

1st Prize Rosemary Flanagan£100
2nd PrizeLouise Francis£50
3rd PrizeRoger HopwoodFour Home Match Tickets

22nd December 2023 

1st Prize Mark Adams£200
2nd PrizeMelvin Knapper £50
3rd PrizeJason WainwrightSigned Ball

15th December 2023 

1st Prize Paul Dalgarno£200
2nd PrizeIan Brownsword £50
3rd PrizeMark DoddFour Home Match Tickets

8th December 2023 

1st Prize Gary Collis £100
2nd PrizeDaniel Stafford£50
3rd PrizeBary Mansell PVFC Shirt 

1st December 2023 

1st Prize Shaun Myles£100
2nd PrizeSarah Clacher£50
3rd PrizePhyllis WalmsleyFour Home Match Tickets

24th November 2023 

1st Prize Joe Bird£100
2nd PrizeCraig Neild£50
3rd PrizeMichael BrosnahanSigned Ball

17th November 2023 

1st Prize Barry Mansell£100
2nd PrizeCarl Baskerville£50
3rd PrizeZach SmithFour Home Match Tickets

10th November 2023 

1st Prize Suan Walley£100
2nd PrizeKelly Grocott£50
3rd PrizeMichelle Kobylarz23/24 Home Shirt

3rd November 2023 

1st Prize Michael Brosnahan£200
2nd PrizeRichard Jones£50
3rd PrizeJonathan HodgkissFour Home Match Tickets

27th October 2023 

1st Prize Glenn Fowler£100
2nd PrizeRobert Hussey£50
3rd PrizeDaniel NicholsonSigned Ball

27th October 2023 

1st Prize Glenn Fowler£100
2nd PrizeRobert Hussey£50
3rd PrizeDaniel NicholsonSigned Ball

20th October 2023 

1st Prize Matthew Cartlidge£100
2nd PrizeColin Crighton£50
3rd PrizeKate MoodyFour Home Match Tickets


13th October 2023 

1st Prize Ronnie Nixon£100
2nd PrizeDavid Ingram£50
3rd PrizeBrad Copestick23/24 Home shirt

6th October 2023 

1st Prize David Wright£100
2nd PrizeRobert Hare£50
3rd PrizeHannah WilkinsonFour Home Match Tickets


29th September 2023 

1st Prize Heather Hardman£200
2nd PrizeKirsten Lovatt£50
3rd PrizeNathan LewisSigned Ball

22nd September 2023 

1st Prize Thomas Wright£100
2nd PrizeElizabeth Mangan£50
3rd PrizeRebecca JohnsonFour Home Match Tickets

8th September 2023 

1st Prize Giuseppe Giorgio£100
2nd PrizeNicholas Ball£50
3rd PrizeDarren LindsayFour Home Match Tickets

1st September 2023 

1st Prize Rosie Tomkinson£100
2nd PrizeDavid Amison£50
3rd PrizeGlyn LeesSigned Ball

25th August 2023 

1st Prize Christopher Carson£200
2nd PrizeNick Tams£50
3rd PrizeMelvien Wykes4 Free Match Tickets

18th August 2023 

1st Prize Adam Brown£100
2nd PrizeDavid Stanway£50
3rd PrizeJoseph Ward23/24 Home Shirt

11th August 2023 

1st Prize Sean Hawkins£200
2nd PrizeMark Vickers£50
3rd PrizeBrad Copestick4 Free Match Tickets

4th August 2023 

1st Prize Derek Moreton£100
2nd PrizeDoris Pearcy£50
3rd PrizeDarren TurnerSigned Football

28th July 2023 

1st Prize Matthew Litherland£100
2nd PrizePhillip Crank£50
3rd PrizeEmily Stevenson4 Free Match Tickets

21st July 2023 

1st Prize Mark Vickers£100
2nd PrizeStacey Frain£50
3rd PrizeGiuseppe Giorgio23/24 Home Shirt

14th July 2023 

1st Prize Paul Machin£100
2nd PrizeAdam Wright£50
3rd PrizeIan Edge4 Free Match Tickets

7th July 2023 

1st Prize Darren Mould£100
2nd PrizeStephen James£50
3rd PrizeThomas ReynoldsComedy Club Tickets

30th June 2023 

1st Prize Matthew Litherland£100
2nd PrizeDave Cooper£50
3rd PrizeJoe Bird4 Free Match Tickets

23rd June 2023 

1st Prize Wendy Clarkson£400
2nd PrizeJonny Hancock£100
3rd PrizeAdam Brown23/24 Home Shirt