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Players Experience Minus 140 In Ice Chamber

29 January 2016

Port Vale’s players have been preparing for Saturday’s fixture against Wigan Athletic by exposing themselves to temperatures as low as minus 140 degrees Celsius.

Following training on Thursday, the lads spent time in a mobile Cryotherapy chamber in order to aid their recovery in the wake of two tough games.

All of the first team squad took part and, speaking to, Head Physio James Rowland explained why the process is helpful.

“Basically what they do it go in a pre-chamber which is only minus 60 and then they go into another chamber which is minus 140,” he said.

“So they stay in there for two minutes, then come out for another two minutes and then get exposed again to minus 140 and that’s another two minutes.

“What it does is accelerates the recovery process basically.”

James said the players had few complaints and added that the ice chamber could be something the Club looks at using more regularly in the future.

“To be honest, the feedback I’ve had so far is that they’re a lot easier than ice baths so going forward it might be something that we look at,” he commented.

“Anything to aid their recovery is the main aim really.”

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