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Rob Page the new Vale Interim Manager

19 September 2014

Rob Page has been made Interim Manager and will have up until atleast the end of October to prove himself.

In a press conference earlier today, Vale chairman Norman Smurthwaite confirmed that following the shock resignation of Micky Adams yesterday morning, his Assistant Manager Rob Page will be made Interim Manager of the team.


He will be given until the end of October to prove himself and then may be made Manager on a full-time basis, depending on results.


Norman believes that now is the time for fans to come out in their numbers and show their support to the club as well as to Rob and his players.


Talking earlier today, he said: “Rob will be the interim manager until further notice, I will not be rushed into a decision about a new manager.


“He will be in the chair, and has the best opportunity to prove himself not only to myself but most importantly the players and the fans.


“I’m not going to knee jerk myself into a reactive decision that will take the club backwards.


“I won’t rush myself, tomorrow is the start of a new season for us as a team and that’s the message that will go downstairs to the players.


“I urge the fans to now show me the support that I’ve shown this club. If you are a fan of this club I expect you at the match tomorrow, to show your support to rob and the players.


“Most importantly if you don’t show that support, I have to ask myself why I’m piling all this money and all this time and taken on all this pain, if there isn’t a conviction from the people who come and watch what we do and love the club.”


New Interim Manager Rob Page, was also in the press conference and spoke of the pride he is feeling in being named Manager, and will do everything he can to get the job.


During the conference Rob said: “I’d like to thank the Chairman for giving me this opportunity, I’ve had 22 years in the game in all different roles.


“I was assistant for a short period and I’m now interim boss, and it’s an opportunity I’ve been working towards all this time.


“I’m not naïve enough to think that if results don’t go my way I’ll walk into the job because things don’t work like that.


“Yes, I’m young, enthusiastic and hard working. I’ve also got a relationship with the players because I already know them, which gives me an advantage.


“This is an opportunity I won’t let slip by. The industry we’re in is very results based and it will come down to what happens on the pitch whether I get the job or not.”

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