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Page: Everyone is Shocked

18 September 2014

Rob Page has admitted that everyone at the club was shocked to hear of Micky's resignation.

After the shocking news of Micky Adams’ resignation this morning, his Assistant Manager Rob Page spoke of how shocked everyone was to hear the news.


He feels very disappointed that they are in a position that Micky had to walk away from the club, but knows that they can’t dwell on it with a game coming up on Saturday against Barnsley


Talking earlier this afternoon, Page said: “I think we’re all a bit shell shocked, but knowing Micky as I do he’s a very passionate and proud man.


“Obviously the results and performances have been hurting all of us lately, and evidently he’s taken it to the point where he feels he can’t carry on.


“I’ve said to the players this morning, we’ve all got to take responsibility. They need to look in the mirror individually and collectively as a group and look at themselves at times like this.


“Football’s not a nice profession to be in at times, when you see a manager feel like he can’t do anymore and has to walk away it’s very disappointing, but we have to move on and look to the future.”


Page has admitted he has a lot of gratitude for what Micky Adams has done for his career, after seeing something in him to bring him to the club in the first place.


He says he will always keep in touch with him as a friend in the business for that trust and support he gave him.


He explained: “I have a lot of respect for him, he’s given me my opportunity in coaching and the management side.


“I’ll forever be in debt with him for that and I wish him all the best, he’s a great man.


“I’ve learnt so much in the three years I’ve been here and he’s been a fantastic mentor. He’s someone I’ll definitely keep in touch with over my career.”


Rob Page has confirmed that he will be taking the managerial reigns for Saturday’s game at home against Barnsley, but it depends on the results and Vale Chairman, Norman Smurthwaite, as to whether it will last any longer.


He said: “My priority was to get the players out on the training ground today and try to make things as normal as possible to get them ready for the game on Saturday.


“I’m not going to sit here and say it’s not for me, of course I’m interested. That’s the reason I’ve come into the coaching side of it, to be a manager one day.


“I had that little taste of it when Micky was away and loved every minute of it, but like I said results will determine that.


“I’m not naïve enough to say the jobs mine, I’ve got to work like anyone else and for me now it’s about approaching the game on Saturday and getting them ready for a tough test.


“At the end of the day it’s a results based game, fingers crossed it all goes well for me if it doesn’t we’ll move on.


“The most important thing is that we want what’s best for this football club, and along the way if it means I’m winning games of football then I’m going to be happy in the job I’m doing.”


Watch the full interview on Valiant player later today.

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