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Top 'Tache Tips

31 October 2014

Need some help growing your Upper Lip Plumage?


Are you doing your bit for a great cause? Not sure about the ins and outs of sporting a nice well-kept Face Fitting? Perhaps the following ‘tache tips will help you on your way.



  • Shampoo regularly. As fetching as they are, moustaches collect all sorts of things; and no matter how fine the food, it doesn’t belong in your Mo. Ever.
  • Moustache hair is coarse and benefits from regular conditioning. Work a dollop of conditioner into your Mo then rinse thoroughly. It will make your hairy journey that bit softer, for both you and your intimate friends.
  • Wash your face with a hot towel to steam and cleanse the skin under your moustache as it can suffer from drying and itching. No one wants that.



  • Mo Style Guide.Be prepared. Before your first follicle breaks through the surface, choose the type of moustache that will grace your face by reviewing the inspirational Movember
  • Invest in the right tools for the job. A man committed to serious moustachery should have the following: a pair of barber scissors for precise trimming, a set of clippers for uniformity, a fine-toothed comb for guidance, a large mirror for a good view, a trusty razor, a steady hand and a determined mind.
  • Dampen the moustache hair to trim - wet hair is easier to cut, but dry hair easier to trim. It is important to note that wet hair does bounce up when dry. You’ve been warned. 
  • Using a fine-toothed comb, gently rake your moustache so the hairs all run in one direction. Rein in any strays that walk to the beat of their own drum.
  • Using the barber scissors, trim the long or stray hairs on the outer edge and bottom line of your moustache. You may wish to use your comb to restrain your Mo while you snip away. Remember to trim conservatively - you can always go over it again.
  • Run the clippers over the body of the Mo to get a consistent and even level of bush and bounce.
  • Foam up, then run a sharp razor along the outer edge and make that Mo stand out.
  • For more outlandish styles, use a fine and appropriate moustache wax to shape the remaining hair into place.



  • Ask yourself the question, who do you want to be? For every style of moustache there is a different personality. You will become that man, you will be treated as that man and you will act like that man. It's important you like who he is.
  • Be brave. The first few days, even weeks, can be uncomfortable and a little awkward as your facial fuzz grows and your Mo takes shape.
  • Ignore the itching. Remind yourself that other men have endured worse in the past; surely you can stand a little face tickle from your Mo.
  • Start to shape your moustache using proper grooming techniques. A great Mo comes down to great grooming.
  • Nurture it and keep it clean. Look after your Mo, and your Mo will look after you.

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