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Club News

Port Vale Lucky Seven winners

4 June 2014

Week: 38
Date: 04/06/2014

This week's rollover: £1,500 (AB2277) Tom Everton
Next week's rollover: n/a

£1,000: (D1855) Mrs. Hardy 
£250: (OA6237) Mr. Clegg 
£125: (SD1996) D. Sackfield  
£10: 21 consolation prizes.

The club is currently having a recruitment drive, the target being 4,000 members paying £1 per week, which would raise over £200,000 per year to fund Youth delevopment.

With your help these figures are achievable.

Please contact Lottery Manager Brian Lewis on 07791674961 for more information. 

You can download an application form by clicking here.

Thank you for your support 

Lucky 7 AgentsTo become a Lucky 7 agent print and fill out this form -

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