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Vale's one game at a time mentality

22 August 2014

After a good start to the season, which has seen the team get on an unbeaten run in all competitions, no one in the squad is getting carried away with it, because they all know there are a lot of games to go, says Assistant Manager Rob Page.


Instead they will be taking the mentality of one game at a time, which has bred a lot of success at football clubs over the years.


Page explained: “We’re keeping our feet on the floor and not going to get carried away with our unbeaten start.


“We’re pleased with the performance and the result against Doncaster but before you know it your preparing for a game away at Oldham on Tuesday night, and you’re brought back down to earth with a bang.


“Although we didn’t recreate the performance last Saturday on Tuesday, it was a completely different style of game, which meant we didn’t have chance to get carried away with things.


“It’s about getting the point playing well, but then saying the jobs done and we now need to move onto the next game.


“We don’t talk about targets, or what we can achieve this season. We take every game as it comes. I know it’s cliché, but we do and that’s how we’ve always been.”


After choosing the same team in the past two matches, Micky Adams and Rob wouldn’t surprise anyone by keeping the same team again when on an unbeaten run.


However, Rob feels they need to pick a squad that will stop specific threats that Notts County face and if that means changes will be made then they’ll asses it in the next day or so.


“When the wheels are in motion and you’re doing well, it’s very difficult to change the line-up. The players make it hard when they’re paying well week-in week-out and that’s credit to them at the moment.


“We’re not saying there’s not going to be any changes, but it’s something we might look at come tomorrow, to see what’s going to give us the best opportunity to win the game.”


Page says that after joining in with his teammates the last few weeks, new recruit Byron Moore is getting closer and closer to match fitness, although tomorrow’s game at Vale Park is too early fro the tricky winger.


“Each day that goes by, he gets closer to match fitness. I did a little bit extra with him today after normal training, slowly but surely he’s getting there. I reckon within the next few days we’ll be stepping it up with him and pushing him into the squad.


“I think this weekend will be too soon though unfortunately, he needs a few more sessions. Bearing in mind he’s missed a pre-season.


“When you do miss it, your normally playing catch-up until Christmas, so we’re trying to cram as much work into him as possible, but there’s only so long you can work for in that high intensity. It’s just about managing that.”

Watch the full interview later today on Valiant Player.

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