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As you were

25 September 2013

Grew says little will change while boss is away

Mark Grew says that he and Rob Page will keep things pretty much ‘as they were’ while boss Micky Adams is away from the club following surgery on his hip.

Rob Page has taken over the managerial duties and will be backed all the way by Grew, who will do everything he can to support him.

Grew said: “We are not going to change anything, there’s no point, we know how he works so there will be no change.

“We are not going to let up with the fitness levels, the intensity will still be as high and it will be great for Rob Page really.

“Rob has been unfortunate, he just missed out on two jobs last year and this will give him an ideal opportunity to have a look on that side of it and what you have got to do, so for him it will be a good experience.

“He is ambitious, he is only young and he is just about to pass hi Pro Licence as well. I get on with him really well and he will make a good manager.

“I have worked with him now for twelve months and more and he has got the pedigree to go a lot further.”

With respect to Micky Adams and Mark Grew, Rob Page represents a new breed of managers within the game, something Grew acknowledges.

He said: “They have got different ways. They have been brought up differently. Here n=are not many like the gaffer, that’s for sure.

“Rob has got his own way of doing things and it is going to be educational for him. I think sometimes as a coach you don’t want to fall out, you make friends a little bit.

“Now you have got to make decisions. You have got to make decisions about when they come off and things like that.

“I have had it before and sometimes you upset people and you have to accept it, but that’s part of the process of leading a side.

Grew revealed Page was given a bit more responsibility in the week leading up to the home game against Coventry City, in order to help get him used to doing things his own way.

Grew revealed: “Last week the gaffer gave Rob his head a little, he came down and made sure everything was going right.

“Obviously the gaffer took the side on the Friday and the Saturday and I am pleased for him that he got the result, because that’s a nice way to finish.

“But Rob’s ambitious and he wants to go forward and this will be very educational for him during the next two or three weeks.”

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