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Boomer needs you!

8 October 2013

Recruit a friend to become a Junior Valiant

Boomer wants you!

Junior Valiants we need you!

Port Vale is sending you the Junior Valiants on a special recruitment mission. Boomer needs you to get your friends to sign up to become Junior Valiants because we are looking at expanding the amount of Junior Valiants and need your help!

Junior Valiants will now be offered a refer-a-friend reward where the more friends you recruit to be a Junior Valiant the better rewards you receive for your help

The rewards for referring a friend vary and if you refer numerous friends the rewards will get bigger and better. 

By December 12 the Junior Valiant who has recruited the most friends will receive a special prize.

The reward for recruiting ONE friend is a PVFC iconic crest merchandise item, if you recruit THREE friends you get a matchday tour of the Vale Park. 

But it doesn't stop there! If you recruit FIVE of your friends you will receive a signed photograph of your favourite player and for recruiting SEVEN friends you will get a signed team photo.

Finally if you manage to recruit TEN of your friends we will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity right here at Vale Park. This is a top-secret prize that will only be announced to the lucky winner once your task is complete. 

All we ask is that upon signing up, the member you have referred includes your name on their application form under the signature section. 

We will then contact you to send our thanks.

Rewards for recruitment table

Stage one (recruit one friend)
PVFC iconic crest merchandise 

Stage two (recruit three friends)
A matchday tour or the Stadium

Stage three (recruit five friends)
A signed photograph of your favourite player

Stage four (recruit 7 friends)
A signed team shot of the Port Vale Squad.

Stage five (recruit ten friends)
A one-off experience at Port Vale (tbc)

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