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14 September 2012

Micky says mental preparation for Saturday's game is so important

Micky Adams knows there is often a possibility of complacency following a big win, but he believes his players have been prepared correctly for Saturday’s match against Plymouth Argyle.

He said: “The mental preparation for this game is probably more important than the physical side of it.

“Are we resting on our laurels? If we are we will be on the reverse of a poor result down at Plymouth.

“If we are mentally strong and we enjoy the feeling that we got at the end of the last game and we take it into the Plymouth game and we will be fine.

“If I was a manager and I saw my next opponents had scored six, I would be delighted with that, because it often happen that you would score six the week after.

“Plymouth will know that we are a decent side and they will have read all the reports and their scouts will have reported back to their manager that we are a decent side.

“We have got to show them that we are a decent side and it’s not just the say so of a scout.”

The team train at Vale park today and then will travel down to Devon this afternoon. Despite being in administration, Micky and the team are being allowed to prepare in the correct manner for the game.

Micky said: “It would be wrong for anybody, even a club that is not in administration, to expect players to travel five hours on a coach and then go out and perform in a game.

“You have got to take the excuses away from players and one of the excuses travelling down to Plymouth is, it’s an awful long way and we are tired.

“If you prepare correctly and the administrator says you can do it properly and go down there on a Friday night, with beds, a decent meal inside them, then you know you have prepared correctly.”

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