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Port Vale Football Club eSports

Virtual Pro Gaming (VPG)

About VPG:
VPG are a democratic group of hardworking people, all with different skill sets coming together to create something amazing. The team has members from all over the world, all of which offer something important to contribute to VPG. VPG has over 30,000 active users! 

Instead of mimicking the designs from a game, they created their own feel to showcase who they are and showcase their extensible platform.


VPG’s Mission:
To provide you with the greatest virtual pro experience across multiple video games, with the greatest amount of features so your eSports life is made as easy as possible. No complications, just have fun.

Why Choose VPG?
They are democratically ran, meaning you make the decisions on how leagues and ladders are run. Their transparent nature allows you to play without the politics of your typical eSports website.

Follow the link to view the English eSports Premier League where you will find the PVFC eSports' First and Reserves teams.

Follow the link to view the fixtures for both the PVFC eSports' First and Reserves teams.

Follow the link to view the EVFA Europa League standings where you will find the PVFC eSports' First Team.

First Team

Manager                               Co Manager:                                
Corey Davies                        Belmin Karic                  
CoreyLFC23             PSN: Podrinjac10

Luke Clifford
PSN: Lukeyboy883


Belmin Karic             Tomasz Jagoda     Anthony Ryan                       
PSN: Podrinjac10       PSN: KN0R93       PSN: AMR

Corey Davies                Luke Gillham
PSN: CoreyLFC23         PSN: LGillyEFC90


Wullie Smith              Shane Dempsey             Bradley Aldred        
PSN: WullieBoy      PSN: Demo18Dublin       PSN: DredZinho

Alex Robbins                   Maxi de Guzman
PSN: oOo_Alex_oOo     PSN: YT_Hamsik-17


Chris Beering                 Ian Balfour
PSN: TheMagician      PSN: IanBalf93

Reserves Team

Manager                        Co Manager
Oliver Concepcion         Dean Walker
PSN: OliverC007           PSN: TheWalkers11

Daniel Tavs 
PSN: dtavs


Lloyd Costigan                    Philip Kramer                  Ollie Butler              Harry Wright            Adam Swindells 
PSN: LloydCostigan-14      PSN: Thestrup1990        PSN: Ollie_JB7       PSN: HSRITE         PSN: swamp-rabbit76  


Matthew Kloots               Alex Hepworth       Joshua Gilson       Taher Ehab   
PSN: sparcofreak94        PSN: xH3PPO         PSN: Lilgill96        PSN: Egypt-TiTo111  


Andy Taylor                           Lee Downing                    Joey Leedz                 Nathan Davies   
PSN: Andytaylor2487        PSN: Toonvale186         PSN: JoeyHussian        PSN: footyfan1