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2015-16 Accounts (Port Vale Volunteers)


12:19 11th May 2016

by @OfficialPVFC

What we raised and how it was spent






                        DONATION  J HILL                   AUG 2015                     £40.00

                        CHRISTMAS DRAW                  DEC 2016                     £1902.30

                        RAISED IN CLUB SHOP                                                £130.00

TOTAL £2072.30


                        CROSS TRAINER                      JULY 2015                    £30

                        SWEETS FOR BOOMER           SEPT 2015                    £100

                        HARD DRIVE (ANALYST)          SEPT 2015                    £65

                        OVER NIGHT STAY                   NOV 2015                     £500

                        (PLAYERS – MAIDEN HEAD OVERNIGHT STAY)

                                                                       TOTAL £695


           TOTAL RAISED BY THE VOLUNTEERS’ GROUP          £36,636


After a break from fundraising last season we have renewed our efforts. The main event has been the been the Christmas draw banking almost £2,000, taking the total raised over the £35,000 mark. This excellent draw has been mainly due to the extremely hard work of two of the committee, Mary and Trevor Moulton, who sourced almost all the prizes as well as working hard at selling the tickets.

We have met all the requests for funding, this year much lower than usual. The surplus helping to balance last year’s deficit of £1,405.

The group have continued volunteering for tasks within the club:-contributing articles and proof reading programmes, numbering and putting season ticket stickers on the seats in the stadium, as well as organizing the away travel and arranging the voting for the various player of the Year awards.

Our efforts would all be in vain without your continued support so thank you again.


Joan Stanley.

Chair of Volunteers’ Group.



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